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Neill, Amanda K.; Wilson, Hugh D.
The Vascular Flora of Madison County, Texas
Sida, Contributions to Botany
Journal Article
BRIT Press
Fort Worth, Texas
Texas, county flora, Madison County, vascular plants
A survey of the vascular flora of Madison County, Texas, was conducted from May 1996 to April 2000. The flora consists of 985 species in 488 genera and 136 families. The largest families in the flora are the Asteraceae (127 species), Poaceae (123 spp.), Fabaceae (76 spp.), Cyperaceae (63 spp.), and Euphorbiaceae (32 spp.). The species are compiled in an annotated list that includes for each species the common name, collection citations, and a designation as to whether that species is considered native or introduced. Habitat types where each species occurs are included in the list. Unusual habitats, introduced species, and rare and endemic taxa are discussed.
Published M.S. thesis of A.K. Neill, Botany, Texas A&M University.