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Abbott, J. R. 2001 Vascular plants new to Kentucky
Abbott, J. R. 2008 Praxelis clematidea (Asteraceae), a genus and species new for the Flora of North America
Ackerfield, J. 2008 The genus Abronia (Nyctaginaceae) in Colorado, with notes on Abronia bolackii in New Mexico
Acosta, G. O. 2002 Una especie nueva de Portulaca (Portulacaceae) del norte de Michoacan (Mexico)
Acosta, G. O. 2003 Portulaca matthewsii (Portulacaceae), a new species from the Sierra Gordať Biosphere Reserve, Queretaro, Mexico
Adams, C. A. 2003 Comparison of the morphology, flowering phenology, and life cycle type in plants of Grindelia lanceolata (Asteraceae) from cedar glades in middle Tennessee and northern Alabama: a common garden study
Ahles, H. E. 1967 Monotropsis lehmaniae a seasonal phase of M. odorata (Ericaceae)
Ahmad, A. 2007 Seed dispersal and soil seed bank of Seriphidium quettense (Asteraceae) in Highland Balochistan, Pakistan
Akbar, K. F. 2006 Taxonomy and conservation of medicinal plants in canal-irrigated areas of Punjab, Pakistan Document  
Alegria Olivera, J. J. 2001 A new synonym for Eragrostis pilgeri (Poaceae: Eragrostideae)
Alexander, J. A. 2009 The types of Astragalus section Diphysi (Fabaceae), a complex endemic to Western North America, Part I: lectotypifications, epitypifications, and new combinations of several taxa
Alexander, M. L. 2008 Seed germination response of Zizania texana (Poaceae: Oryzae) to soil inundation
Alexander, P. J. 2008 Heuchera woodsiaphila (Saxifragaceae), a new species from the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico
Alford, J. D. 2002 The taxonomy and morphology of Macranthera flammea (Orobanchaceae)
Alford, M. H. 2001 The vascular flora of Amite County, Mississippi
Allen, C. M. 1973 Additions to the Louisiana flora
Allen, C. M. 1974 Corallorhiza odontorhiza (Orchidaceae) in Louisiana
Allen, C. M. 1983 Murdannia keisak (Hassk.) Hand. Mazz. (Commelinaceae), Bothriochloa hybrida (Gould) Gould (Poaceae), and Scutellaria racemosa Pers. (Lamination) new to Louisiana
Allen, C. M. 1992 Sacciolepis indica (Poaceae) new to Louisiana
Allen, C. M. 1990 Koeleria gerardii (Vill.) Shinners (Poaceae) new to Louisiana
Allen, C. M. 2004 Changes in baygall vegetation from 1986 to 2001 at Fort Polk in west central Louisiana Document  
Allen, C. M. 2009 Glyceria declinata (Poaceae) new to the flora of Texas
Allen, C. M. 1999 Bouteloua rigidiseta (Poaceae) new to Louisiana
Allen, C. M. 2001 Anagallis arvensis subsp. foemina (Primulaceae) new to Louisiana
Allen, C. M. 2004 A quantitative study of the vegetation surrounding yellow lady-slipper orchid (Cypripedium kentuckiense, Orchidaceae) populations at Fort Polk in west central Louisiana Document  
Allen, C. M. 1991 Brachiaria plantaginea, Imperata cylindrica, and Panicum maximmum: three grasses (Poaceae) new to Louisiana and a range extension for Rottboellia cochinchinensis
Allen, C. M. 1982 Psilocarya scirpoides Torr. (Cyperaceae) and Physalis missouriensis Mackenz. & Bush (Solanaceae) new to Louisiana
Allen, C. 2007 Observation on vegetation changes in Cajun Prairie, a coastal prairie flora in southwest Louisiana
Allen, C. 2006 Green fringed orchid (Platanthera lacera, Orchidaceae) in southern Louisiana Document  
Allison, J. R. 2006 Big-fruited buckthorn, Sideroxylon macrocarpum (Sapotaceae), a long-forgotten Georgia endemic Document  
Allison, J. R. 2006 A new species of Pediomelum (Fabaceae) from the lower Piedmont Plateau of Georgia and South Carolina Document  
Allred, K. W. 1989 Observations on seed dispersal and implantation in burrograss (Scleropogon brevifolius - Gramineae)
Allred, K. W. 2005 Aristidae eludendae: Aristida hitchcockiana (Poaceae)---a valid species? Document  
Alm, T. 2002 Norwegian and Sami ethnobotany of Veratrum album (Melanthiaceae)
Alm, T. 2004 Ethnobotany of Rhodiola rosea (Crassulaceae) in Norway Document  
Alm, T. 2005 Pinguicula vulgaris (Lentibulariaceae) and its uses in Norway Document  
Amorim, A. M. 2005 The vascular plants of a forest fragment in southern Bahia, Brazil Document  
Anderson, L. C. 1970 Studies on Bigelowia (Astereae, Compositae). 1. Morphology and taxonomy
Anderson, L. C. 1970 Floral anatomy of Chrysothamnus (Astereae, Compositae)
Anderson, L. C. 1983 Trichomes and stomata of Gordonia Iasianthus (Theaceae)
Anderson, L. C. 1984 Noteworthy plants from north Florida
Anderson, L. C. 1985 Forestiera godfreyi (Oleaceae), a new species from Florida and South Carolina
Anderson, L. C. 1986 Noteworthy plants from north Florida II
Anderson, L. C. 1988 Noteworthy plants from north Florida: III.
Anderson, L. C. 1989 Noteworthy plants from north Florida IV
Anderson, L. C. 1991 Paronychia chartacea ssp. minima (Caryophyllaceae): a new subspecies of a rare Florida endemic
Anderson, L. C. 1995 Noteworthy plants from north Florida, VI
Anderson, L. C. 1996 New geographical and morphological data for Sideroxylon thornei (Sapotaceae)
Anderson, L. C. 1997 Sideroxylon alachuense, a new name for Bumelia anomala (Sapotaceae)
Anderson, L. C. 1998 Arnoglossum album (Asteraceae): new species from northern Florida