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Collection Details

Variety: Canarium acutifolium var. pioriverensis Takeuchi

Burseraceae Canarium acutifolium var. pioriverensis Takeuchi
W. Takeuchi 11886A

Collection Date: 25 March 1997
Determined By: W. Takeuchi
Determination Date: 25 March 1997
Institution: unknown


Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Chimbu (Simbu) Gulf

Locality Description: Chimbu (Simbu) Gulf Province; Crater Mt. Wildlife Management Area, Pio River.

DD Latitude: -6.78333

DD Longitude: 145.033

Elevation: 500-500 m


Habitat Description: Alluvial forest.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Canopy tree, deciduous, leaves flushing and beginning to flower at time of coll; stipules green, long-acuminate; leaf rachis sulcate, cylindrical, purple-green; leaflets chartaceous, adaxially dark dull green, abaxially medium green; inflorescence axillary, paniculiform, rachis glossy green or reddish-green; flowers in early bud, staminate. Pawaian name is 'pay'.

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Other Data

Project: BRIT Type Specimens