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Atrium® was developed and has evolved with generous support from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, the Beneficia Foundation, the Amazon Conservation Association, the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, the Native Plant Society of Texas, and individuals like you. We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement. We also welcome your financial support so we can continue to improve Atrium, make it completely open-source, and share it with more organizations and institutions. BRIT and Atrium are not-for-profit and rely on individual donations. To support Atrium with your tax-deductible gift, please visit BRIT’s website to donate now. Be sure to indicate in the space for "Comments" that you want your donation to be directed to Atrium.


If you are a botanist with expertise in plant taxa represented in Atrium and would like to contribute new species determinations, please register as an Atrium user and then contact Amanda Neill with details such as your taxon of expertise, position title, and place of employment, so that we may grant you permission to add annotations to specimens online.