Atrium Documentation

Table of Contents

Preface to the Atrium System
I. A Quick Introduction to Atrium
Quick Start: Start Using Atrium Now
I-1. Quick Start: Searching Atrium Collections
I-2. Quick Overview of the Data in Atrium
I-3. Desktop Requirements and Settings
II. Using Atrium's Search and Browse Features
Searching: How Do I Find The Data For My Favorite Family/Collector/Habitat?
II-1. Searching by Family Name
II-2. Searching the Collections for a Term, a Partial Word or Collection Number
II-3. Browsing the Taxonomic Structure
II-4. Browsing By Collector
II-5. Browsing By Project
II-6. Browsing By Research Site
II-7. Browsing By Habit
II-8. Browsing By Habitat
II-9. Using The Advanced Search
II-10. Reducing The Collection List Using Filters
II-11. Searching the Library
III. Output Formats
Atrium Data: Output Formats Available to Use the Information
III-1. Collection/Specimen Display: In General
III-2. Collection/Specimen Display: All Collections
III-3. Collection/Specimen Display: Family Checklist
III-4. Collection/Specimen Display: Genus Checklist
III-5. Collection/Specimen Display: Species Checklist
III-6. Collection/Specimen Display: Summary tab
III-7. Collection/Specimen Display: Detail tab
III-8. Collection/Specimen Display: References tab
III-9. Collection/Specimen Display: Collections tab
III-10. Collection/Specimen Display: Images tab
III-11. Collection/Specimen Display: Map View tab
III-12. Collection Detail Display
III-13. Search Results
III-14. Field Guide
III-15. Family, Genus and Species Checklist
III-16. Print Output
III-17. Export Files
III-18. Library Display
IV. Workspace
What is it? Do I want one, or more?
IV-1. List Your Workspaces
IV-2. Create a Workspace
IV-3. Add Images to a Workspace
IV-4. Add Collections to a Workspace
IV-5. Add References to a Workspace
IV-6. Display a Workspace
IV-7. Edit a Workspace
IV-8. Delete a Workspace
IV-9. Output From a Workspace
V. Add Data to Atrium
New Information: Adding Your Data to Atrium
V-1. Add a Collection and Specimen
V-2. Edit A Collection
V-3. Edit A Specimen For a Collection
V-4. Make a Determination
V-5. Add Bibliographic Information
V-6. Edit Information for a Taxonomic Entity
VI. Details About Collection Data in Atrium
Atrium Collection Data: What Is It Really?
VI-1. Data in Atrium
VI-2. Format for Data Loading
VI-3. Load Collection Data Into Atrium
VII. Data from Outside Sources in Atrium
The Outside World: What Impinges On Atrium From Outside
VII-1. Mapping
VII-2. GIS Data
VII-3. Weather Data
VII-4. Botanical Links
VII-5. Other Links Within Atrium
VIII. Getting An Atrium Login ID
The Atrium User Account: Why Do I Want One, What If I Forget My Password?
VIII-1. Getting An Atrium Login ID
VIII-2. Resetting Your Password Using Your Secret Question
VIII-3. Preferences
VIII-4. Getting Additional Privileges
IX. Atrium For the Collection Coordinator
Collection Managers: What Atrium Provides For You
IX-1. Editing The Current Determination For A Collection
IX-2. Inserting a Prior Annotation for a Collection
IX-3. Listing Recent Annotations
IX-4. Adding Weather Data
IX-5. Adding Records To The Library In Large Quantities
IX-6. Add or Edit References For A Collection
IX-7. Setting Representative Images for Families, Genera and Species
IX-8. Setting the Category for Images
IX-9. Hide Incorrect Images For A Collection
IX-10. Delete Images
IX-11. Print Collection Labels En Mass
X. The Administrators Guide
Atrium Admin: Who's Going To Do It?
X-1. Setting Up Users and User Security
X-2. Setting Up Lists: Research Site, Project, Habitat, Habit, Collector
X-3. Adding Other Entities: Language, Weather Station
X-4. Loading Files of Information
X-5. Logs For The Administrator
A. The Creative Commons Attribution / Non-Commercial / No Derivatives License For Use
B. Inside the File Formats Used in Atrium
C. Browser Settings
D. Changes to Atrium Full Documentation
List of Figures