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Bidens L.

Kingdom: Plantae Rank: Genus Parent: Asteraceae Status: Valid

Common Names:

  • BEGGAR-TICKS - English, United States of America
  • BUR-MARIGOLD - English, United States of America
  • TICKSEED-SUNFLOWER - English, United States of America

Morphological Description

Diagnosis: Annual, biennial, or perennial herbs; leaves opposite, simple, divided, or compound; phyllaries in 2 series, the outer phyllaries herbaceous, the inner series hyaline- or yellow-margined; ray flowers present or absent, neuter, or pistillate and infertile; corollas in ours yellow or whitish; disk flowers perfect, fertile, yellow or orange-yellow; pappus of 14 usually barbed awns or sometimes reduced or absent; those with retrorse barbs are dispersed by attaching to hair or clothing.


Notes: A genus of ca. 240 species, cosmopolitan, but especially in Mexico; a few are cultivated ornamentals while a number are considered weeds. (Latin: bis, twice, and dens, a tooth, in allusion to the two awns on the achenes of some species) (tribe Heliantheae)