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Tridens Roem. & Schult.

Kingdom: Plantae Rank: Genus Parent: Poaceae Status: Valid

Common Names:

  • TRIDENS - English, United States of America
  • FLUFF GRASS - English, United States of America

Morphological Description

Diagnosis: Tufted perennials with erect culms, not rhizomatous or with short rhizomes; ligule a ciliate membrane; inflorescence a contracted or open panicle; spikelets 3–12-flowered, disarticulating above glumes and between florets; lower glume 1-veined; lemmas 3-veined, usually with pubescence on the veins below the middle, rounded on the back, obtuse or acute, usually ± 2- toothed or rounded-truncate at apex, the veins often slightly mucronate; stamens 3.


Notes: A C₄ genus of 14 species of warm areas of the Americas (e. U.S. to Argentina) (Valdés-Reyna 2003a), excluding Erioneuron and Dasyochloa which have sometimes been included (e.g., Hitchcock 1951). It was recognized as the genus Triodia by Hitchcock (1935). (Latin: tri, three, and dens, tooth, from the 2-toothed lemma tip often with a mucro from between the teeth) (subfamily Chloridoideae, tribe Cynodonteae)