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Carex cherokeensis Schwein.

Kingdom: Plantae Rank: Species Parent: Carex Status: Invalid Reason: unverified

Common Names:

  • CHEROKEE CARIC SEDGE - English, United States of America
  • WOLF-TAIL SEDGE - English, United States of America
  • CHEROKEE SEDGE - English, United States of America


Notes: A strongly rhizomatous facultative heliophyte but persists in light shade; open roadsides, pastures, and openings in low, damp, deciduous woods with sandy or sandy loam soils, frequently in calcareous conditions, sometimes forming nearly monospecific stands in low woods in the Post Oak Savannah; throughout East TX; also in the Cross Timbers and Prairies and Gulf Prairies and Marshes; se U.S. from VA s to FL w to MO, OK, and TX. Fruiting Apr–May(–early Jun). Section Hymenochlaenae. (cherokeensis: for Cherokee Co., TX, from which the type specimen was collected)