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Family: Styracaceae

Kingdom: Plantae Rank: Family Parent: Ebenales Status: Valid

Common Names:

  • STORAX FAMILY - English, United States of America

Morphological Description

Family Recognition in the Field: The only nc TX species is a shrub or small tree with alternate, simple, entire, sometimes slightly lobed, exstipulate leaves; flowers white, showy, in drooping, few-flowered racemes.


Notes: A small (160 species in 11 genera) family of trees and shrubs with resinous bark; they range from tropical and warm temperate areas of the New World to the Mediterranean, se Asia, and w Malesia. The small genus Halesia (SILVERBELL, SNOWDROPTREE, BELLTREE), with two species native to e TX, includes showy ornamental shrubs; its 4-lobed corollas and winged fruits easily distinguish Halesia from Styrax (with 5-lobed corollas and unwinged fruits). The family is possibly related to Ebenaceae and Sapotaceae. (subclass Dilleniidae)