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Allium canadense var. hyacinthoides (Bush) Ownbey

Kingdom: Plantae Rank: Variety Parent: canadense Status: Valid

Common Names:

  • FRAGRANT WILD ONION - English, United States of America

Morphological Description

Diagnosis: Leaf blades 0.5–7 mm wide; flowering stem 15–30(–40) cm tall; umbel many-flowered; flowers fragrant with sweet hyacinth scent; perianth segments 5–7 mm long, pink, thin.


Notes: Calcareous prairies or infrequently in sandy soils, in sun or shade; Blackland Prairie w to edge of Rolling Plains, mostly to the w of var. mobilense; endemic to TX and s OK. Late Mar–Apr. [A. hyacinthoides Bush] Turner et al. (2003) treated this taxon as a distinct species, while McNeal et al. (2002) considered it a variety of A. canadense. (hyacinthoides: hyacinth-like)