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Quercus stellata Wang.

Kingdom: Plantae Rank: Species Parent: Quercus Status: Invalid Reason: unverified

Common Names:

  • POST OAK - English, United States of America
  • IRON OAK - English, United States of America
  • CROSS OAK - English, United States of America

Morphological Description

Diagnosis: Usually rather small (medium) tree; leaves with 2-4 lobes on each side, the main lobe on each side usually rather large and perpendicular to midvein giving the leaf a cross-like appearance.


Notes: Sandy or rarely gravelly-silty ground, chiefly in uplands; eastern 2/3 of TX; this is the commonest oak species in nc TX and the vegetational dominant in many areas. Post oak tree-ring chronologies extending from about 200 to 300 years have been obtained from North Central Texas sites, with individual trees dating back to 1681 (e.g., Stahle et al. 1985). According to J. Stanford (pers. comm.), hybrids of this species and Q. marilandica can be found in the Lampasas Cut Plain. (stellata: stellate, star-shaped, from the stellate hairs),